The Links of 2015

Here is where I'll be keeping all the interesting links I find throughout the year. All in one handy place where we can all remember them without having to remember them.

Learn a new Language

Rust 1.0 Alpha was released today, let's learn it:

BizTalk Tips

30 tips for BizTalk Server Users


Ever wondered what technologies were used in the making of a site? Wonder no More - lets you see behind the scenes.

CSS Tips

Clearfix Hack - a better hack than overflow: auto to make things clear and float in the right place.

Move a Hyper-V Virtual Machine

This is a quick way to move a VM without having to actually export it

Basically you just:

  • stop the VM
  • the service
  • copy the entire VM to where you would like it
  • mklink from your C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\Virtual Machines -->

Learn how to Style Android Material design (and more!)

This Playlist is KILLER! I love this Viz guy from Slidenerd, he's great to listen to and not only shows you the how, but the why, straight from Google's own doc.